Small changes make a huge impact!

Losing weight or getting in shape can be a daunting task.  Many people mistakenly go to extremes right off the bat, whether it’s going on a severely restrictive diet or jumping into a too-challenging exercise schedule.

While the intention behind such actions is understandable (everyone wants to get in shape or lose weight yesterday)!  The truth is, sustaining a very restrictive diet or very intense workout schedule is difficult even for the most disciplined.

A more sensible approach is to make small changes.  For example, instead of dropping to a 1200 calorie diet, choose to add more fruits and veggies to your daily intake.  By adding in these healthy, fiber-rich, filling foods you will probably find that you don’t have room on your plate (or in your belly) for the less healthy options.

An apple is much more filling than a bowl of chips and you still get the crunch.

Stick with one of these small, new changes for a week or so then try something else. Each small step leads you closer to a healthier you.  Permanently.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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