Is Ur G8, Gr8?

I was visiting my mom in Kansas City, MO back in December and while she was getting her hair cut, I ambled around the strip mall and came across a running shoe store. And since I was in dire need of a better pair of running shoes, well, I walked right in.

The Running Well Store ( is not very specialized and they know their stuff.  I got to talking to one of the guys who was working there and explained I needed some new shoes.  We talked mileage, usage and I shared that I had been having some knee issue that was bugging me.

Before you could say Saucony size 9, he had me on the treadmill for a gait analysis.  For those wondering, your gait is how your feet land when you run.  By doing the initial analysis barefooted, the analyzer can see where you land, what your foot does through the entire process of landing, stabilizing and pushing off.

This store offered a videotape of my running and as he ran it in slow motion you could see how messed up my gait is!  I hit with my heels in, toes out (isn’t that  called pigeon-toed?) then I roll out but shift to roll inward as my arch collapses.

Apparently my right foot lands more wonky than my left, which makes sense because my right knee has been giving me problems.

We talked shoes I’ve worn and what I liked about them or didn’t like.  We (he) determined that the shoe I was currently in was probably too-corrective and that could be why my knee was acting up.  He picked out a few pairs of shoes he thought would work and we tested them out.

After trying on 4 or 5 pairs of shoes I decided on the Saucony Omni.  He laced them up nice and tight and put me back on the treadmill to see what the shoe did to my wonky gait.  As I watched the tape again in slow motion, I was surprised at how well the shoe worked to stabilize the roll in but not push me too far out.  I could see a HUGE difference.

So I bought the shoes, got a new running sticker for the car and was on my way.  What I liked best about the store is that they are working really hard to build their running community in the Northland (which to anyone in the Kansas City, MO area knows, means North of the river).  So if you are in the Kansas City area please check out my pals at The Running Well Store.

And if KC, MO is not in your travel plans anytime soon – check out the Marin Running Company (  They also provide gait analysis too.  You’ll be glad you did.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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