Happy Anniversary to the SIP 10,000 Steps Challenge

I’m so happy to celebrate the one year anniversary of the SIP 10,000 Steps Challenge!

When COVID-19 shut the whole fricking world down, many of us found ourselves without access to our usual places and spaces to “work out” what was happening. The gyms, the pools, the classes, the tracks, the boxes, the parks – all closed. We were all at home, sheltering-in-place, searching for toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes.

It was hard.

In mid-April of last year I had been talking to some friends who had set a goal to hit 10,000 steps each day to counteract the lack of movement, the increase of hours long Zoom meetings and the extra hours of sitting that had become our new reality. I’m always game for a challenge so I charged up my daughter’s old Fitbit and started keeping track of my own steps.

The idea for the SIP 10,000 Steps Challenge group came about as I was out on a run. I thought that if I was having to buckle down to make sure I was hitting 10,000 steps, that there might be others in the same boat. I decided to do a 10 day challenge and hoped to have 10-15 people who wanted to join our Facebook group for a free challenge.

I created the group, posted the link, invited a bunch of people and within a 24 hour period we had 70 members. Those friends told others who told others and we quickly grew to 100 and the group finally topped out at over 300 members.

People posted their steps, shared photos of their walks or hikes and provided inspiration as we supported each other and celebrated our successes. It only made sense to keep the challenge going after our initial 10 days because people were really taking to the challenge and the community was strong.

Some of our members are what I call “Super Steppers” and they can hit 18K steps every day and others struggle to make it to 7K. While our group’s goal is 10,000 steps each day, we understand that those steps might be a huge stretch for some people starting out, coming back from an injury or who were struggling to work at home, oversee their kiddos in their remote classrooms, etc., etc., and etc., that the pandemic threw at them.

One thing that we really tried to do is to discourage comparison in our group because someome’s 5K steps might be their personal best and that deserves as much accolades and celebration as someone who hit 20K for the day. All that matters, is that everyone “shows up” every day so they can reach their goal.

It’s a community model that’s worked really well for our group and I’m so proud that we remain supportive of everyone, no matter where they are in their fitness, steps or physical journey.

We still have folks who are daily posters, while others check in periodically, but no matter how much activity there is on the group’s page, people tell me all the time that that this group was instrumental in keeping them motivated and moving during the pandemic.

So congratulations to everyone who has participated in the SIP 10,000 Steps Challenge and I look forward to seeing your continued steps!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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