Fitness Friday: The Year Ahead

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve been working on some goals for 2020 but since I haven’t landed on a really big goal just yet, I’ve set some goals for January.  Just to give me a jump start.

Goal #1 – 30-Day Yoga Journey from Yoga With Adriene

I’ve done YWA off and on for years and am a huge fan of Adriene’s 30 day series.  Some times I’ve done them in 30 days and sometimes a 30 day series has taken me 45 days.  But I committed to start “Home” on Jan 1 and I will complete it on Jan 31.  Even with my bum pinkie toe, I’m all in.  With modifications, of course.

Check it out at and you can sign up for FREE.

Goal #2 – More Greens and Beans and Less Crap

I’ve been plant-based for almost 3 years (yay plants)!  But this past year I let too much junky food seep into my diet.  Too many snacks, too many treats, too much mindless eating period.  My pants are tight, my abs are hibernating and I’m excited to get back to basics.

If you’re looking to try out a plant-based challenge, you can sign up for Veganuary FREE at

Goal #3 – A 30-Day Movement Challenge

My job is to train people but like you, sometimes I just want to be told what to do.  So I’m following this online group where there are various activities to do every day.  It covers fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, etc.  Every day is different (which I love) and there’s a handy tracker that I can check off.  Because you know how much I LOVE tracking shit.

This challenge is on a private Facebook group but if you’re interested let me know and I’ll share the info with you.

Speaking of tracking stuff.  I am an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kind of gal so when I’m working on a goal I need to have things printed and in plain view every day.  This calendar totally fits the bill.   I found this at and it’s a FREE download.  I’ve personalized mine, added some motivating and inspiring quotes and every day I am on track with my above-mentioned goals I color in the day.  At the end of the year I’ll have quite the rainbow of my success for the year.  It’s just perfect.

So let’s hear it, what are your goals for the year?  And how can I help you reach them?

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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