Workout Wednesday: Good Intentions

I’m so glad I packed my running clothes on my recent trip to Europe because otherwise what would I have worn to go get my morning coffee?  They don’t call them “coffee pants” for nothing.

So you guys.  My intentions were good; run across the Westminster bridge in London, bang out some Yoga or brisk morning walks in the gorgeous Suffolk countryside and then hit the gym in Madrid that’s right around the corner from our apartment.  At the least I’d do a 10 minute “hotel” workout that I share with all of my clients.

None of it happened.  And I don’t regret it.  Because we walked.  Everywhere.

We ambled, looked at the shops, we got lost,  walked in circles (those Madrid street signs are tricky), we walked to lunch, then for a cup of coffee, to get dinner. One night we walked 40 minutes to find a restaurant that opened BEFORE 8pm.

We walked up and down the Calle Mayor, to the Prado, around a protest, to have breakfast at Cereal Hunters and then a walk down a long narrow street to eat the best mushroom pizza with vegan cheese I’ve ever had. 

So I didn’t workout.  I didn’t plank, push, pull or squat.  The only time I got my sweat on was in the Metro and Tube.

It was a nice, well-deserved break and I loved every minute of it.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




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