Monday Motivation: Holiday Survival Guide

Holidays can be tricky.  Here are 25 tips to help you stay on track this holiday season!

Start your day strong with a healthy breakfast.  It sets your intention for the day.    Here’s an oldie but a goodie rule to follow… eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper.

Curb your appetite.  Drink a glass of water before every meal.  It will help you fill up faster and help you eat less.

Slow down.  Eat slower and taste your food.  It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to recognize how much is in your stomach.  It is a good idea to take a break after you eat to lessen the temptation to go for another serving!

Stay active.  Exercise with your family and go for a walk or jog outside!  Sign up for a race or plan a family activity.

Keep a food diary.  Tracking everything you put into your body will help to point out times and/or days where you are more vulnerable.  If you come home from work and have chips and salsa every day that’s a place where you can make changes.  What you measure you can manage.

Choose to eat clean 80-90% of the time.  Eat more protein, vegetables and fruit and healthy fats like nuts and seeds.  A handful of almonds or a freshly sliced apple is a great snack to curb your hunger!

Don’t go anywhere hungry.  Try to arrive at any holiday parties having already eaten something healthy.  Also, if you can, bring a healthy option to a holiday party!

Maintain portion Control.  Pay attention to how much you put on your plate.  Moderation is one of the most important elements in weight control – especially at holiday parties!

Alternate Water with Alcohol.  Start with a glass of sparkling water when you arrive at a party or dinner.  It’s festive and you’ll slow down your alcohol consumption.  Then alternate a glass of water for every drink you have.  This will help keep you hydrated during the evening and you’ll be thankful the next day!

Don’t eat things if you don’t like them.  Sounds simple enough!  If you put it on your plate and it doesn’t taste as good as you thought, why eat it?

Exercise as planned.  Don’t let a party, event or family gathering put a crimp in your plans.  Even if you only are able to carve out 10 minutes, do it.

Skip the festive drinks.  Frothy rum punches, creamy cocktails are calorie-bombs! Have one to kick off the season and move to lighter cocktails or even mocktails,

Eat more vegetables.  Try to fill half of your plate with vegetables.

Wrap up leftovers immediately.  If you wrap them up, you are less likely to pick at them while you sit at the table with family and friends.

Ditch the unhealthy leftovers.  Send your guests home with leftovers or store it in opaque containers and push them to the rear of the fridge.

Use the dirty napkin trick.  When you want to stop eating throw a dirty napkin over your food.

Hand not free.  Hold your purse in one hand, your drink in another.  That leaves you with zero hands to snap up cheese filled puff things.  (They’re probably from Trader Joe’s and you can get them anytime).

Plot then Attack.  Circle the buffet before diving in.  Start with salads and/or soup then go for the main.  Only take what you like, only take what you might not be able to have very often.  Be selective.

Split dessert with somebody.  But only the dessert you want, don’t share just to make someone happy.    If your husband wants pie and you want chocolate cake, get what you want, eat only what you want and bring the rest home.

Set goals for yourself over the holidays.  Read them first thing in the morning, throughout the day and before bed.  Share these goals with somebody to help you stay accountable!

Brush your teeth.  Brush your teeth after you eat so that you won’t continue eating.  Or, keep chewing gum with you and do that instead!

Retreat to the corner.  Hanging by the buffet table, desert bar or in the path of the servers with the h’ors d’oeuvres can result in mindless eating.  A bite here, nibble there adds up.  Find another place to stand so you’re not in arm’s length.

If eating out, think small.  Have a salad or soup to start and think about having a starter or share plate for your meal.  We’re conditioned to order a soup or salad and a main entrée which, for some of us is way too much food.

Make a workout calendar for yourself!  Commit to a certain number of days per week that you exercise.  Mark them off with a marker to show your progress.

Don’t give up! Falling out of habits you are trying to accomplish for a few days, DOES NOT mean that your effort is hopeless.  Simply acknowledge that you ‘slipped up’ or ate poorly and get back on your plan.  New day, new start!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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