Just Jump







This is my son Jack.  He’s 11.

The photo on the left is of him contemplating taking a jump off a rock outcropping and the one on the right is after he’s launched himself off into the crystal clear water below.  I did this jump a few times and I’d say it’s probably a 15 foot drop into a cove of deep water near Kapalua Bay in Maui.

When we came to this gorgeous bay and climbed down to the rocks from the path above, we stood and watched other people; kids and adults alike jump off these rocks.

To be truthful, I didn’t expect Jack to follow suit.  He’s not very adventurous or willing to take risks like this. He’s not a thrill-seeker, to put it simply.

So I stood there and asked him if he was going to jump and he said Yes.  And he did.

Besides the bragging factor, what’s my point?

My point is, a lot of us are a little like Jack.  Not ready to take a leap into something that might be a bit scary.  Whether it’s trying a new sport, a new class at the Y or deciding that it’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines and get into the mix.

There’s too much fun stuff to do; don’t waste your time watching others have fun.

And if you’re not convinced, check out Jack.  That kid owned those rocks.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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