Six and Counting…

Happy Fall!

While the temps are still quite warm where I live there is some chill to the air in the a.m. that is appreciated as I wrap up Week 6 of my marathon training.  Only 10 more weeks to go!  Woo Hoo!

The Plan

This week we cycled back to having 2 long runs.  The first of the long run, which I dubbed the “short” long run was an 8-10 miler so I opted for 10 miles.  And like Survivor, it came with a twist.

The first 4 miles at a “long run pace” of 9:35 to 10:52 minutes per mile (read:  conversation is easy) then from mile 4-8 transitioning into a  “steady state” pace of 8:52 to 9:19 minutes per mile (read:  um, really?).  Then the last 2 miles at “long run pace”.    So the distance isn’t a problem, the pace while a push in the middle isn’t a problem, it’s that it’s a Thursday.

So here’s where my age starts to show because after a long run I’m not ashamed to admit that I just want to take a shower and a nap.  Sadly, when I returned from my 10 miler at 8:00 am I had time to kiss the kids goodbye, stretch, shower, eat breakfast and then had to go to work.  It was a long day 🙂

The second long run was scheduled as a  12-16 miler so I split the diff and did 14.   I’m happy with the pace, happy with the route and only felt tired at the last mile.  But that’s to be expected, I hadn’t done 14 miles in a long time.  Overall here’s what my week ended up looking like.





The Food

Last week my goal was to continue drinking enough water and adding some electrolytes.  Some people don’t sweat very much when they run but I do so I need to make sure I’m replacing some of what I’m losing.

A little education on fueling.  Your body uses glycogen for fuel.  Glycogen comes from carbohydrates so therefore eating a hearty (but not massive) carbohydrate-rich meal the night before a race will help top off your stores so you can access them during your endurance event.  For me, I need to pay attention to this for races over 12 miles or so.

My plan was to make pasta and chicken for dinner on Saturday but an unexpected trip to Sacramento for a volleyball tournament derailed that plan.  Instead of my delicious pasta dinner I had an In-N-Out burger at 8:30pm after I got home.  Not the *best* choice for dinner the night before a long run, that’s for sure.  I did make sure to have a hearty bowl of oatmeal about an hour and a half before the run so that helped a bit.

Yoga/Stretching and Body Work

Yoga took a backseat this week and I’ve recommitted to fitting it in most days of the week.  I miss my Namaste.  Intense stretching also got some short shrift but 10 minutes a day is better than nothing.

This week we’re back to hill repeats and something called a “thirds progression” run.  Looks interesting.  We’ll see.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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