Repeat After Me. “Ode to the Abs”.

This workout was so ab-tastic it deserves to be repeated.  With some slight tweaking. Enjoy.  You may need some extra padding for the plank series.  A towel or a doubled up yoga mat will do.

Workout – Do the following exercises for 45 seconds each for a total of 2 rounds.

Plank – begin in a high or low plank.

Standing Knee Drivers –  begin in a semi lunge stance with one leg behind you, weight evenly distributed in the front foot. Raise arms overhead and with force, drive your back knee up to meet your hands – act like you’re trying to crush something with your knee.

MOD:  Slow down or hold on to a wall for help with balance

Up and Down Plank  – begin in a high plank position, walk your forearms down to a forearm plank on arm at a time then come back to a high plank.

MOD:  Bird Dog

Side Plank Reach Thrus – begin in a high side plank (or elbow side plank), stacking your hand below your shoulder and keeping your body in a straight, strong line from shoulder to feet.  Reach top arm up to the ceiling and then reach down and through the space between your body and floor.  Reach back up to ceiling.

MOD:  drop your bottom knee down to the ground.

Squat With Cross Knees – stand tall with your feet hip distance apart.  Place your hand behind your head.  Squat back and down, keep your chest lifted and squeeze your tush as you stand up then drive your left knee to your right elbow, replace foot then drive right knee to left elbow.

Have fun. Work hard.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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