Addition and Subtraction

Here’s a little formula to get you started on the road to living a healthier lifestyle and reaching your goals.  Now math has never been my strong suit (nor is counting if you take a poll of my boot-camp participants).  But luckily today we’re not talking about numbers!

All it takes for you is to subtract or remove one unhealthy habit.  It could be ditching your lunch-time soda or the cookie after dinner.  It could be the 4:00pm mocha with extra whip.  Simply select one of these things and remove it from your day.

Next,  add in a healthy habit.  Maybe it’s turning off the tv 15 minutes earlier than usual and reading something motivational or inspiring, cooking an extra veggie to go with dinner or starting to take a walk after lunch for 10 minutes with a coworker.

Making these small changes on both the healthy and unhealthy front will add up in the long run.  Think about it.

Just cutting out one cookie at lunch (for grins, say the cookie is 50 calories).  Multiply that by 365 days (let me get my calculator – stop laughing).  365 x 50 = 18,250 calories.  That’s a lot of calories.

Sure if you have an apple instead of a cookie you are not losing calories but you are subtracting something highly processed with something from nature.  So even if it’s a teeny, tiny change like this. It matters.

So take a minute to look at what you can take out and add to your day to day meal plans or activities.  Remember, small changes make a huge difference.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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