Project Brad

‘Project Brad’ is back on track.  For those new to the party, I convinced my husband Brad that he would gain more bang for his fitness buck if he started to run.  We began in late Fall, got a few runs under our belt then abruptly stopped when Brad injured his plantar fascia and heel during a parent-teen soccer game.

Note to all you weekend warriors out there, sprinting “cold” is never a good idea!

Fast forward (or actually slow motion) to January and Brad’s getting back on the running train.  A mile here or bit more there.  And without any nagging or prodding!  In fact, he came home tonight from a long day at work and went for a quick run to unwind.  To unwind.  Love.  It.

So the next step is to good running shoes and we’ll go from there.  I’m optimistic that as long as we go slow and stay on track he’ll be able to run farther.  At least long enough to get that runner’s high that we all know exists.

Once he feels that rush, he’ll be hooked.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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