Don’t Think Just Do

Today is Day 22 of our Challenge.  Please track your workouts and reward yourself for a job well done!

About our little workout below.

Burpees are hard, yes.  But they are also a phenomenal total body workout.  So don’t think about the number.  Just do them.  Slow and steady.  Break the set up if needed or simply cut the numbers.  Do 5 or 6.  Or even 1.  That may be your victory today.  Take it.

Workout #22- 10/22/15

  • Jumping Jacks – 45 repetitions
  • Burpees – 45 repetitions (break it up into 3 sets of 15 if needed)
  • High Knees – 45 repetitions (a left and a right is a 1 count)


  1. Please print up the October Challenge Workout Description for a complete description of how to do the exercises.
  2. Perform the workout 1 to 3 times. Go at YOUR own pace.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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