On the Run

I’ve put together a Ragnar Relay team and we will be running from San Francisco to Calistoga over the next 30 hours.  Our first van of  6 runners will start at 5:30am today (Friday) and around 10am-ish, they’ll hand the slap bracelet (literally a kids’ slap bracelet) off to van 2 for their legs.  And the vans will trade off until the finish line.ragnar napa

Even though the race is 196 miles and change, we’re not all running that far.  Each of us runs 3 legs of varying distance with the total distances ranging from 14 miles to 27 miles over that 30 hour period.  No matter how long or short the legs are, by the time you get to your 3rd and final leg you are beat.  You have very little sleep, odd eating habits, and are riding in a van with 5 other sweaty people.

But.  It.  Is.  So.  Much.  Fun.  And I can’t wait!

With that said, I’m out of pocket for a few days.  But what I’m leaving in your capable hands are the following instructions.  Work hard while I’m gone.  Make me proud!

Get your 30 in.  We’re at the meat of the challenge, you may be bored or even tired with having to workout 30 minutes every day.  This is where mental toughness must kick in.  That boredom is doubt.  That nagging little voice in the back of your head that says “you can’t do this” or “I told you so”.  Punch that stupid little voice right in the throat.  And just do it.

Here are your workouts for the next 3 days (Friday through Sunday).  Work. Hard.

Workout #23- 10/23/15

  • Hip Lifts – 45 repetitions
  • Bodyweight Squats – 45 repetitions
  • Alternating Rear Lunges – 45 repetitions (a left and a right is a 1 count)

Workout #24- 10/24/15

Rest day.  If you have missed some of our workouts, repeat Workout #23.

Workout #25- 10/25/15

  • Plank – 100 seconds (get your timer out)
  • Tricep Dips – 50 repetitions (please do only 1 set of 50)
  • Mountain Climbers repetitions (a left and a right is a 1 count)


  1. Please print up the October Challenge Workout Description for a complete description of how to do the exercises.
  2. Unless otherwise instructed perform the workout 2 times.  If time is limited, do it 1 time.

I’ll catch up with you on Monday.  Thanks for following the plan.  Share with your friends.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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