Puddle Jumping

You know you’re training for a race when you have a 10 mile training run planned, you know it’s going to rain buckets but you get out and run anyway.  There’s not a lot of room for rescheduling.  The race date is set and you have to get the miles in.  Mother Nature doesn’t care if you don’t like the rain.  Or wind, snow, sleet or heat, for that matter.

Our group yesterday was all over the place with pacing so I ended up running alone for most of it.  As you know, I get to thinking on my runs and came up with some random thoughts that I thought I’d share.

Here’s my Top 10 List of Random Thoughts About Running in the Rain:

1.  You can be assured that you won’t have a bottle-neck on any path or trail.  Nope.   The sane people are on the couch binge-watching Bravo.

2.  Shorts, while normally an excellent clothing option, are not pretty in the rain.  You know when people wear shorts that are super baggy and all of the baggy material rides up the crotch so it looks like the runner is wearing a diaper?  It looks ten times worse if the shorts are wet.

3.  The first puddle is the worst.  After that, it takes too much energy to dodge them than slodge through them.

4.  It’s better to keep soggy layers on your body instead of taking them off and trying to tie them to your person.  What’s worse than wearing a sopping wet long-sleeve tee?  Having those soggy “arms” slapping your thighs as you run and then getting really cold but realize you can’t get your wet shirt back on.

5.  If you want to feel like a badass go running in the rain.  You may think those people driving by in their warm Smart Car are mocking you but in fact, they are in awe.

6.  We all need “mental toughness” runs during our training.  Repeat after me “if I can run 10 miles in a downpour, I can run through anything”.

7.  If it rains on your face enough, your cheeks can start to “prune” like your fingers and toes.

8.  #GarminFail.  It happened at mile 7.43; completely turned itself off (with 55% battery charge left so WTH?)  It’s not relevant at all to my running in the rain story but I’m still annoyed by it.

9.  Riding your bike in the rain is not a good idea.  How do you brake?

and the final thought of my run yesterday….

10.  Change of clothes, dummy!

I’m crossing my fingers this weekend is a touch drier!  But if not, I’ve still got mileage to do!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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