Going with the Flow

And I don’t mean in Yoga class.  Going with the flow simply means that you are able to adapt or adjust during your workout in case things are not going the way you want.

For example, I planned a great circuit workout for my class today but the implementation of it was not going as I’d hoped.  My fault totally; too many instructions that were not as clear as I’d thought they were.  So I took a breath, saw where I’d made my mistake and try to regroup with my class so everyone was clear.  It did take a few rounds to get everyone in the groove and thankfully my class is pretty flexible with trying new things so in the end it was ok. Changes will be made for next time but that’s ok.  Lesson learned.

The same goes for your workouts.  Say you are planning to go for a run and when you get outside it’s too cold, too hot, you’re really sore from a previous workout, your music has died or your running partner is M.I.A.  Sometimes your frustration level is already on high alert and this is the final straw.  You want to bag your run, hop back in  your pj’s and resume watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on your DVR.  We’ve all been there.

Next time, instead of moping back to the house take a deep breath, regroup and go out for 10 minutes.  If, after running or walking for 10 minutes you are still feeling unmotivated and blah, you can go back home knowing that you gave it a shot.

I promise that if you try this, you’ll end up doing your full workout 99% of the time.  That 1% you’ll be 10 minutes in and realize it’s not your day.  So you go home, and try again next time.   Being flexible and non-judgmental about your performance on a given day will take you a step closer to reaching your goals.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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