Break Out of Your Shell

My friend Lisa likes to share a funny story about the first time we met.  It was in a Team in Training info meeting and us Marin-ites circled up talking about the group runs, weeknight runs, etc. Lisa, who is very social was chatting with me and another gal about maybe running together during the week when I just looked at her and said I liked to run alone.  It’s not that I was totally anti-social, but I was not a very strong runner and felt more comfortable slogging along on my own.

Eventually I did embrace the group runs and liked them so much I became a group leader (or Mentor for those who know the TNT structure).   It was sooo far out of my comfort zone to be in a role where I was responsible to keep a group organized and informed but I jumped right in with both feet.  Looking back, it was a pivotal moment in my personal and professional growth.

I’m not alone in feeling very uncomfortable to try new things.  People are afraid of failing, getting in over their head, not being able to finish a race or workout.  I get it.  But I still nudge encourage and yes, push.

I’m kind of a pain in the butt that way because I know that once someone makes that step forward, great things happen.  I’ve personally experienced it and I’ve seen it happen with my boot-camp participants and people I’ve wrangled into races or events.  The feeling of accomplishment when someone completes an event or does something they haven’t done before builds confidence like nothing else.

So instead of “no way”, think “sure, why not”.  I promise you that it will be the best decision you’ve ever made!

And let me know what you’re doing and how I can help you reach your goal.

Now go run,

Keli 🙂

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