Yay for Fitness!

cheer-poms-mdI post a lot of things that are pretty ‘rah rah’ about working out and being healthy.  And I get that to some it could be a bit preachy and I’m sure that more than one of my FB friends have “hidden” my comments or unfriended me altogether after one too many of my “had a great 5:30am workout!” status updates.

But here’s the thing, I can’t help myself.   When I started running, I mean running consistently and training for races back in 2000 it literally became a game-changer.

No.  A life-changer.  And if you think I’m exaggerating you can ask anyone who knew me 15 years ago.  I was not the same person I am today.

Running and training gave me concrete results, increased my strength, stamina, and endurance like nothing else and it gave me a feeling of accomplishment that I couldn’t get on the Lifecycle, Elliptical or walking at a 4.0 with a 4.0 incline at the gym.

Running returned me to being an athlete and ignited a little spark that I thought was long gone.

Today I am certified as a personal trainer and run my own Boot-Camp program.  This left-turn into fitness as a job  has given me a new sense of purpose to motivate, inspire and help people achieve something they never saw themselves achieve.

My job, as I see it, is to provide complete and total support with a dash of empathy.  To offer advice if asked (and even if not asked) and be their cheerleader.  Because when I crossed that first finish line of my very first marathon in April, 2001 – my life had completely changed and I think everyone deserves to know what it feels like to cross their own “finish line”.

So I post a bit of encouragement, some proud personal fitness moments,  a gentle reminder that we all need to move our bodies for better health, or even a swift kick in the butt.  Because we all need someone to tell us that we can do something.  Even when we think we can’t.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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