Core Challenge Workout – Day 30

Our Challenge is nearing its end!  It’s really been a great experience for me to prepare and share these workouts with you.  Thanks for being a part of the fun!

Here is your 30th Core Challenge Workout for today:

  • Spiderman Climbers (45 seconds on – 15 second rest as you transition to Toe Touch Crunch)
  • Toe Touch Crunch (45 seconds on – 15 second rest as you transition to Spiderman Cilmbers)

Perform this sequence four times through.

How To Do The Exercises

Spiderman Climbers

  1. Hold yourself in the “up” position of a pushup, hands under our slightly in front of your shoulders, fingers spread, apart, pointing forward
  2. Press your feet, knees and thighs together
  3. Draw your shoulders down away from your ears and engage your shoulder blades so they are slightly pulling toward each other
  4. Lift your belly up nice and tight, pulling your belly button toward your spine
  5. Drop your tush a bit so it’s in a straight line
  6. Keep your spine lengthened and keep your belly button tucked up high
  7. From this position, lift your right foot off the ground and bring your knee to the outside of your right elbow, bending the knee as you bring it forward
  8. Replace your leg and switch to the left side
  9. Alternate for 45 seconds

Toe Touch Crunch

  1. Lay on your back with your legs lifted, knees locked out, feet flexed
  2. Fully extend your arms with your head and shoulders lifted off the ground
  3. With straight arms, reach your fingertips towards your toes, lifting your shoulders high off the ground as you squeeze your abs
  4. Reach as high as you can and return to start and continue for 45 seconds

Level 1: Place your hands behind your head to support your neck and lift your shoulders and upper torso towards your feet

Stay focused on your form, breathe and “see through” the time.  You can do this circuit!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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