Mixing it up

Hooray for the end of Daylight Savings!

For a few months now I’ve moved my weekday runs exclusively to one route.  Because it’s been so dark for my 6am runs I needed to stick to a route that keeps me on more active streets and areas where I see people out running or exercising.

Now that there’s light in the morning I’ve been able to move my runs back to my neighborhood, staying on *this* side of the hill.    I have a some loops and out and backs that I love but that takes me off the beaten path.  So for safety reasons I put that route on hold while it was so dark in the a.m.

Now that the time has changed, I was able to get back in the ‘hood on Tuesday and again today.  My Tuesday run was a killer hill run.   I started with a nice long hill then added some hilly side streets to my route.  Today I ran a nice big 4 1/2 mile loop and added on an extra half mile, just because.

This underscores the need to have alternatives and Plan B’s at the ready.  If you get tired or bored with one thing, you can switch it up.  Being able to add or subtract time, or mileage, or even huge hills to  your workout keeps it fresh and interesting.  Pinky swear.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




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