All hail the trail

One of my favorite trail runs is out in the Phoenix Lake area and I’ve been trying to get out there to run at least once a week.  If I’m running with friends I’ll do the loop around the lake but if I head out solo I stick to the main fire road around the front of the lake that then  connects to Shaver Grade and runs to the top of Five Corners.  Or Five Points.  Or is it Six Points?  Whatever you call it, it’s at the top where a bunch of trails converge.

From that spot you can go left up towards Lake Lagunitas, or stay straight which will take you back down to Fairfax or you can hang a right and head up and over to the Yolanda trail.  You can also veer left and go down another way.

In addition to this main intersection, there are other offshoots from Shaver Grade that can take you all over the hillside, you just need to have some time (in case of wrong turns or you’re having more fun than you expected), a buddy (safety first), and some water (hydration is important).

The beauty of running trails (other than the obvious beauty of being surrounded by lush trees and chirpy little birds) is that your knees get a break from the pounding of the pavement.  You strengthen your ankles and lower legs as you hop over roots or maneuver through rocky stretches.

Trails provide an extra kick into your weekly runs and running trails gets you out of the gym or off the streets and immerses you in the splendor of nature.

And one of the best parts about running trails is that slowing your pace is necessary so you don’t trip or fall, or twist an ankle on the uneven surface.  The terrain provides the workout, you just keep moving forward.

It’s brilliant 🙂

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




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