You did it! Now keep it up!

Our October Challenge is officially over.  So how did you do?  If my boot-camp participants are any indication, this was a successful challenge and you deserve some serious kudos.

Heck, you even deserve a hug.  So go out there and hug someone (Marin BreakfastKlub Runners stands firm in its ‘no hug’ policy).

But seriously, great job!  I know that committing to exercising every day for a month is daunting (hint: that’s why we called it a challenge).   I received many emails and comments from people participating in our challenge who were really pushing themselves to do more, move more – more often.   The 20 minute benchmark was, I think, the perfect amount of time.  Short enough to get it done but long enough for some health benefits.

Now that October is in the books and we’ve rolled into November I, again, throw down the gauntlet.  Cherish your new-found motivation and dedication.  In other words, channel your inner bad-ass and out-do last month’s accomplishments.

Here’s how:

1.  Add 5 minutes to your current run, walk, hike, swim, bike ride.  If you take a class, hop on a bike or an elliptical afterwards.

2.  Are you currently logging 3 or 4 days of exercise a week?  I challenge you to add another day of activity.

3.  Are you a cardio-only person?  Two days a week cut your cardio session by 20 minutes and add some strength training or body weight exercises.  You will thank me in about 6 weeks with leaner body.

4.  If you walk, add some hills.   If you swim, add speed work, if you bike, add hills, if you hike, add hills.  Let’s make it simple – if you are doing any outside activity, ADD SPEED or HILLS.  If you are on the treadmill, you guessed it; pump up the incline  or add speed intervals.

5.  Do a plank a day.  Start with 15 seconds and add 15 seconds each week.  By the end of the month, viola – a 1 minute plank is born!  If 15 seconds is waaay too easy, start out at 30 seconds and increase by 30 seconds each week.   (Here’s how to do a plank:  Start in the up position of the pushup.  Squeeze your knees, legs and butt, lift your abs and make sure to keep that back flat.  Hold that position.  Remember to breathe 🙂

Ok, there are 5 ways you can amp up your workout for this month.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

PS – Please email me your October tracker to be eligible for our drawing!  You have until Wednesday, November 6th to get them to me!

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