Don’t Skimp On Summer Workouts

Summer schedules can put a crimp in your workout plans.

If you are staying home with your kids and running Camp Mom, odds are their schedule is a bit looser so you might not have to be up and ready as early as you had done the school year.

If you are a working mom (and please don’t email me about working in home versus out of home – I’m a mom who has done both so I get it) you may have more on your plate as you coordinate camps, play dates and the like with your kids.

Then throw in vacation plans, company visiting and other summer activities and whoops, there goes your summer and your workouts.

I know a lot of people who decide to take a pass on class or skip their regular workouts during the summer because of one or all of the above scenarios.  Please don’t do that.

The reality is, your body becomes accustomed to a certain level of activity and if you cut that activity and don’t change your eating or drinking habits to compensate for your lower activity levels, you’re looking for a shock come the fall.

To overcome this scheduling challenge, take a few minutes and plot out the days this next week you can get out for a run, a walk or a class.  Then the following week do the same thing. Aim for 75% of what you normally do so when you send the little dumplings back to school you’re not starting from scratch.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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