Question of the Week!

Question:  I’m having a hard time staying motivated with my workouts.  Any tips?

Glad you asked!  We all need a kick in the pants every now and then to stay on track and stick with our plan.  Here are the things I do to help get me over that hump.

Purposeful Action

Pick a race , a challenge (30 runs in 30 days), or make a goal (run 20 miles per week).  Having a purpose for your training will snap you out of your humdrum daily workouts and give you a reason to lace up your sneaks.

Buddy Up

Sometimes we just get bored and need some new blood.  Finding someone to work out with, even just once a week, will provide a refreshing change to the same old, same old.

Go Hard

I think, left to our own devices, we opt for an easier path.  On one run a week – pick the hardest route.  One with killer hills that you have to trudge up or if you’re on a straightaway, open up and run like you’re being chased.  Make one run a week wicked hard.  You’ll thank me!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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