What is your payoff?

Sticking to an fitness program requires a lot of “shuns”; dedication, motivation and perspiration.  Surprisingly, what it doesn’t require is that you enjoy any of it.

Shut the front door!  What?

There are many people who don’t like to exercise and they struggle with those feelings every time they drag themselves to the gym.   They think they should look forward to it, should be as excited to go on a 6 mile hike or do a Mud Run as much as their FB friends.

I say, forget forcing the “like”, instead focus on what you get out of it, your payoff.  Do you feel good after you work out?  Do you enjoy how energized and alive you feel when you’re in the middle of your WOD? Do you like how your tush looks in your jeans?

Once you find this payoff, your raison d’etre at the gym or the trail, your journey will be less about struggle and more about results.  And I promise, if you keep going and stay true to the “shuns” you will LOVE the results!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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