Is there a trainer in the house?

Even though I’m a personal trainer and teach fitness classes I don’t train my husband nor do I go to the gym with him.  We learned a long time ago that our styles are different and it’s best if we do our own thing.

The other day he was complaining about his shoulder and we had an enlightening conversation.  So I don’t totally “out” him, let’s call my husband DH (darling husband).  You know, it’s days like this it’s good to have a trainer in the house!

DH:  My shoulder is sore, should I go to the gym and work it out?
Me:  Work it out? 

DH:  Yeah, you know, try and get the kink out at the gym.
Me:  Um, no.  Where does it hurt?

DH:  Here (points to the back top of his shoulder).
Me: Does this hurt?  (I massage the shoulder and dig in a bit to find out where the tenderness is)

DH:  Ouch!  There (points to where my finger was digging in).
Me:  Ok,  I’d take a day off, ice it and take some ibuprofen if it’s bothering you.

DH:  But shouldn’t I, you know work it out?
Me:  What does that even mean?  No – you shouldn’t “work it out” you can cause more damage.  Tell me what exercises you are doing.

DH:  I do this (mimics a bicep curl) and this (mimics using a pectoral machine). 
Me:  Ok, well, first off, try doing the exercises like this (and I show him the correct method for doing the exercises and then have him do them so I see he’s got it).

DH:  I also do this (and then he shows me this bizarre move – kind of a cross between a bicep curl, shoulder press and looks like it’s violating about 5 training principals).
Me:  Whoa!  Don’t ever do that again!!  Where did you learn that?

DH:  I dunno, I just thought it would do something to help with my golf.
Me:  Yeah, like hurt your rotator cuff.

So the morals of this story are:

  1. Before you try things at the gym or at home, make sure that you are using proper form and that an exercise is going to do what you want it to do.
  2. If something hurts, stop doing it.
  3. When in doubt, contact a fitness professional!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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