30 Day Challenge – Part 3

As a recap, I needed to find some motivation and inspiration this summer so I decided to do three 30 day challenges.  The first challenge was to run for 30 days straight and  the second challenge was to do yoga for 30 days straight.  I’m batting .500 on my challenges so this is my chance to improve my stats and my health.

My first two challenges were to improve my endurance, flexibility and generate better harmony.   My 3rd 30 day challenge will improve not only my health but my waistline as well.  I’ve committed to logging every meal, morsel,  and drink (wine, beer, diet coke) for  30 days.  I want to clean up my diet after summer vacations and get back on track with healthier eating so yes,  this challenge is timed deliberately!   I’m also making a conscious effort to cook more and have stocked my fridge and pantry with good, clean foods.  (For me, once I start tracking or journaling my food, the other pieces of the health puzzle come together!)

I’m using the Livestrong MyPlate Food Diary.  There are many, many tracking and journaling websites but this one I like because it’s simple and has a HUGE food library and most of the food I’ve been entering is on there.  It also tracks protein, fiber, carbs and a myriad of other items that are useful including calories burned from exercise.  My one beef with the site is that I believe they overestimate the calorie burn.  I am not convinced that my 3 mile run burns 459 calories so caveat emptor.  Otherwise I like the site.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know how this challenge goes.  If you are also trying to get back on track with your healthy eating, feel free to join me in this challenge and let me know how it’s going for you!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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