Fix What’s Broken

If you are off track from your workouts or have fallen off the healthy eating wagon it’s time to fix what’s broken.

  • Are you eating too much at mealtime?
  • Grazing with wild abandon?
  • Hitting the wine, beer or spirits too often?
  • Are you sleeping through your alarm?
  • Shuffling your running shoes to the back of your closet?
  • Are you unmotivated, uninspired or just plain bored?
  • All of the above?

If you are having any problems sticking to or even getting started with leading a healthy lifestyle let’s fix what’s broken and go on about our business.  Here are some tips to help get you re-motivated, back on the wagon and into your running shoes today.

1.  Plan meals and snacks.  This doesn’t have to be detailed.  Even a ballpark plan (lunch:  turkey on whole wheat, orange) will eliminate the tiger-like pacing of the kitchen that happens at lunch time or when boredom, stress and other triggers are engaged.  Writing down meals and snacks ahead of time is a proven success strategy!

2.  Schedule your exerc.ise as an appointment.  Most of us are rule-followers.  If you have an appointment with the dentist you will make that appointment.  Why let yourself be any less important?

3.  Ease up on the “adult beverages”.  The first thing alcohol does when it hits our bloodstream is inhibit our common sense.  Have you ever come home from drinks with friends and made a plate of nachos at 1 am?  Enough said.  Besides, drinking too much alcohol leads to dehydration and the overall sense of blah and ick that prevents you from taking that 7am run you originally planned.

4.  Do what you love.  I love to run.  Most of the time.  There are days that going for a run doesn’t inspire or motivate me so I have back up plans, just in case.  Whether I hit the elliptical at the gym,  access the exercise segments on OnDemand or grab my jump rope, I have something to do when a run is not in the cards.

5.  Get thee to a professional.  If you are not able to get a handle on your eating or can’t find any gumption to make it to the gym it’s time to call in the heavy guns.  A registered dietician can provide a great roadmap for healthy eating and a personal trainer can help get your fitness back on track.

Good luck on getting back on track and let me know how you are doing

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fix What’s Broken

  1. Sari

    As usual, your posts are time worthy – at least in my slice of the world!!
    I’m in the “all of the above” category but am trying to feel the reinvigoration….trying…..trying…. 🙂


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