The “Back to Fitness” Plan

I love summer.  The warm days and evenings are conducive to activity and outside play, lots of backyard bbq’s, camping trips, vacations and the like.  With the fun times come plenty of opportunities to skip the workout and grab an extra beer or Skinny Girl margarita.   With back to school on the minds of most everyone I know, let’s take a minute to put some pen to paper and plan our own “back to” plan.

The Back To Fitness Plan

  1. Grab a buddy or two and commit to walk or run together.
  2. Clear the decks of the junky food that may have crept into your cupboard for those camping trips or bbq’s.
  3. Shop.  Shop. Shop.  Load your cart with healthy summer fruits, veggies and lean meats and dairy and get back to making delicious meals at home.
  4. Plan your week in advance.  I sound like a broken record but if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.
  5. Water, water everywhere!  Get back in the habit of carrying your water bottle with you everywhere.  I fill a few of the aluminum bottles in the morning and leave them in the fridge so I can grab and go.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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