One thought on “How Do You Stay Motivated?

  1. sarah irwin

    well, this isn’t a new one at all but….. I decide at the beginning of the week when I’m going to run and I stick to it. I do it in the morning because otherwise I “won’t” have time. Also, the dogs’ sad eyes make me feel guilty! Another motivator if I am not in the mood to run is this…… I tell myself, “OK, then go for a hike”. Well, once I am dressed for a hike, I end up going running instead. A third option when I feel out of shape and unable to tackle the hills it that I tell myself it is ok to stop and walk or it is ok to stop at the top of every hill, or that I just need to slow down. and know what? I end up not needing to walk or only needing to stop at the top of a few hills! AND BEST, when I am really lazy, I KNOW that I will be happy that I did it and THAT is ALWAYS true. It always energizes my day and lifts my mood


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