My, What a Small World After All

For me, writing this blog is a cross between a self-indulgent exercise and an information hot line.  While I like to feel that I’m doling out interesting and informative tidbits I also know that I use this forum to vent frustrations or share observations.   I’m like a buffet, take what you want, leave the rest.

In a post back in February I posted about having to put my cat down and not 15 minutes later receiving a call that one of my largest clients had “in-sourced” my job to their home office.  It was a bummer of a day to say the least.

When you post a blog you send it “out there” and go about your day.   After that post I received  comments and emails sharing their experience with a loss of their pet or a job cutback story.   I was pleased to find that there are people “out there” that actually read what I write (other than immediate family and friends who are bullied into it)!

So to those of you who check in with me daily, weekly or monthly, I thank you.  And to follow up on that story posted back in February, things are good.  Our newest kitten, Charley (who we adopted in late January) has firmly planted his nippy little teeth into our family, as well as our eldest cat Katy, and the job front is looking up!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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