Plan Ahead for a Healthy Thanksgiving!

Make this Thanksgiving one you can be proud of.  Here are some simple tips to having a tasty and healthy day!

1.  Exercise in the morning.  Go for a walk, organize a fun run with friends, break out the Tae Bo tape or watch Exercise TV.  It doesn’t matter WHAT you do, only that you do it.

2.  Don’t skip meals.   It’s important that you eat healthy and light meals or snacks before your Thanksgiving Day meal.    Don’t starve yourself all day so you can justify your dinner.  That’s just silly!

3.  Eat only what you love.  Just because Grandma made it, doesn’t mean you have to eat it.  Fill your plate with things you only love or crave.  If that means a plate of stuffing and yams, drizzled with gravy, have at it.  Remember, it’s only one meal.

4.  Bring the crudite.  Most people forget to eat veggies on Thanksgiving.  Bring some cut up veggies and low fat dip to the gathering and help yourself to this filling, fiber-rich snack.   Trust me, you’ll still have plenty of room for the stuffing, gravy and pie!

5.  Don’t melt into the couch.  That’s right, after dinner take a walk around the neighborhood, play tag with the kids on the lawn or go for a short bike ride.  Turn your turkey-stuffed body into a fat burning machine!

Let me know how you are going to have a healthy holiday!  Post a comment or email me with your tips!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

2 thoughts on “Plan Ahead for a Healthy Thanksgiving!

  1. julie Christy

    my plan is to sit my rear end on the couch and watch the parade until noon! Then I’ll get up and do something healthy. Only thing I would add is to have some of everything you love, but maybe not 3 cups of it. And definitely fill up on the pre-festivity veggies and DRINK YOUR WATER!!!! Lots of salt in many of those TG faves (let’s face it, that’s why they’re soooooo yummy!)


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