Short departure from the normal running, boot camp, etc.  Today we talk fashion!

As they say on Project Runway, “one day you’re in, the next you’re out”.  Well, in my opinion some of the fall season should be an “out”.

Here’s my quick rundown on a few of the  latest fall trends.  Some I like.  Some not so much.


Really?  Again?  The rule from the late 80’s still applies today.   Unless you have very thin, very long legs this is a trend you should skip.   You’ll thank me later.

Tunic Tops

Now I sound like a broken record.  Really? Again?  Come on!  The funny thing is, I do like this look on the hanger.   Tunic tops take me far back to my late teens and very early 20’s and the layway plan at Lerner’s.  Enough said.  Unless you are pregnant, pass on this.

Knee Length Boots

Finally!  LOVE these.  Wear them with tights and a skirt or dress and they look great.   Take caution if you are not a slim-legged gal.  The top of the boot should NOT be so tight at the leg to cause skin to squeeze out the top.

Short Sweatery Things

Don’t know what they are called but I love them.  Some versions are shorter in front, longer in the back.  Some versions short, others long.  Whatever, these are great thrown over a longer top with jeans, a skirt or a pair of trousers for work.  You can, I guess, wear them with leggings, but consider yourself warned.

Buttery Leather Bags

Hobo, shoulder or tote, these bags are divine!  It’s worth the $$ to invest in one of these bags.  Soft and supple these bags hold their shape unlike the very inexpensive versions that are as sturdy as a plastic bag from Safeway.  Splurge a little this season.  You’re worth it.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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