Wander Lust

One of the best things about running is that it’s an excellent opportunity to un-connect from the day to day grind and let your mind (and your body) wander!

I started my 12 mile run on Saturday morning with my iPod at the ready and my Garmin set to go.  I started running, hit the Garmin, turned on my Shuffle (the gadget, not my pace) and away I went.   Often times I focus on my pace, my breathing, my distance (am I there yet?) or otherwise occupy my run with, well, running stuff.

This time, however, I had some stuff to work out so I started the internal dialogue.   I am juggling quite a few things at the moment and I’ve been having some problems figuring out how to either add more hours to the day or scheduling things better.  And since I can’t change time and space yet, I have to re-jigger my schedule.

As I pondered my calendar, I ran.  I’d check my watch every now and then to check pace but otherwise I really didn’t pay much attention to where I was.  Once I got my schedule under control and had a plan in my head, I moved on to other items of concern.    Soon, I was at 5 1/2 miles and almost halfway done.

After a while I got tired of working out my life plan in my head and focused on running.  That proved to be a bad decision.  Surprisingly, when I focused on my running I didn’t enjoy it as much.   So I circled back to my to do list and let the running go.

It was a nice break from my normal running approach and it took a lot of the pressure off.  So next time you go for a run and feel overwhelmed by that and life, let your mind take a wander and enjoy!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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