Dreams of Boston Danced in Her Head

It’s not a secret that I am a results-driven individual. Doing something for fun is all fine and dandy and I can play that way if I’m forced to. But when it comes down to it, I like to see results. Whether it’s organizing my filing cabinet or going for a run, I like to see concrete results of my effort.

When people find out that I have some marathons under my belt I get asked two questions. The first one is “How far is that?” (Note: a marathon is and always will be 26.2 miles). The second question is “Have you ever done Boston?”

The Boston Marathon, for those of you who might not know, is the only (please correct me if I’m wrong) marathon in the country that has a qualifying time requirement.

You can’t just sign up for it like you can for most other races; you must run a qualifying marathon or half marathon in a certain time based on age and sex.

For most of us recreational runners, the qualifying times are a bit daunting. I last looked at the qualifying requirements in my late 30’s and I would have had to do a marathon in under 3:45. At the time, my best marathon was about 5:15 so that’s some serious time to shave off.

So I put Boston on the shelf. Until this year.

In NY, I cut off 25 minutes from my previous personal best time. While not tooting my own horn, that is a good achievement for anyone. Let alone a middle-aged mother of two. After that race I got to thinking and just for fun decided to check Boston again.

If I wait until I’m 45, my qualfying time has to be 4 hours even. That, my math-challenged friends is only 30 minutes I’d have to shave off.

I’m not delusional, it is a big chunk of time to cut, but barring any injury (knock wood) or a serious falling out of love with running, I think I can do it.

Do you have any goals this coming year? Send me an email at keli.honsberger@gmail.com and we’ll post them.

Run strong and remember to have fun.


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