Naked Running

Got your attention, didn’t I?  Sorry,  I’m a big believer that running is a fully clothed sport and cannot advocate running sans apparel.

Nope.  Today’s topic is on the running blahs (you’ll understand the headline in a minute).  As some of you know, I completed the ING NY Marathon in early November.   I took three full days off before I resumed boot camp and running.  I felt strong, lean and incredibly fit.  For about two or three weeks.

Then it hit.  As it always does for me after a marathon.  I ‘m sure there is a technical term for it but I call it the Post-Marathon Blues, or PMB.    The first symptom of PMB is the desire to do anything but run.   Thinking about getting out and doing my usual 4 mile run was almost painful for me.

Knowing I still had to keep running, I cut back to two or three days a week and cut my mileage.  It still didn’t help.  I felt tired and lazy and just wanted to sit on the couch and eat cookies.

I knew I was in a funk.  I knew I needed to get  back in my normal, “happy to run” place.  I needed to go for a run.  Naked.

Off went the Garmin 405 and I kept my Ipod buried in my running bag.   I didn’t time myself or distract myself with music.  I listened to my own internal chatter during my 4 mile loop.  I  listened to my breathing and enjoyed the very cold temperatures.

I don’t know if I was running faster than normal or slow as a snail.  I didn’t care.    My sole purpose was to run.  Not to train.  Not to compare, compete or to clock.

I did this for about a week.  Then I began to look forward to going for a run.  I had the desire to lace up my sneakers and get out the door.

So if you need to recharge your running batteries, drop your gear and go for a run.  It might be just what you need.

Run strong and remember to have fun.


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NOTE:  If you experience feelings of sadness, hopelessness or any other feelings that are not normal for you, please contact a doctor to discuss this and perhaps seek treatment options.

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