Five Fave Runs

There are great places to run in Marin.  I’ve included five that I do on a regular basis and that I enjoy.  I will also be listing some of my favorite longer runs for those of you who like to do more than 6 or  7 miles.  Enjoy!

Tennesee Valley (Mill Valley) 3 miles

This run is one of the many reasons to love where we live! Start at the horse stables and run down into the valley to the beach. You have an option a the for to take the flatter route by continuing into the meadow to the water or take the high road and challenge yourself by conquering a killer hill or two. To get more of a workout, do it twice. Surface: Bike Path, Trail and Sand

San Marin High to Stafford Lake (Novato) 6 miles

This is a very peaceful and enjoyable run. As country as you can get without going to Petaluma. Your run begins at the corner of the high school and horse barn. The bike path takes you past the dog park, cow pasture, up and over the golf course and dam of Stafford Lake. Continue past the ranger station past the first gate (where the road dead-ends) and into the disc golf course to the second gate. Turn around and go back. Surface: Bike Path

Rush Creek (Novato) 4 miles

This trail takes you off road and completely away to a peaceful marsh. Egrets and ducks float in the water along with the mist on a cold day. This is a great run to try without the Ipod or other distractions. You will see bird watchers and other hikers on this mostly flat trail. Watch out for the horse dung- this is a popular path for riding.

Surface: Trail

Phoenix Lake (Ross) about 5 miles

Pristine beauty surrounds you on this run. You begin at the Ross Post Office and run towards the state park. Enjoy the grand homes on your personal real estate tour as you make your way to the Natalie Greene Coffin State Park. You enter the park and run along the road (watch for cars) to the parking lot. Take a stretch then ready yourself for some short, yet challenging hills. Running around the lake itself is a treat while you naviate over and around. When you loop around and get back to your car, you have completed about 5 miles without realizing it!

Surface: Bike path, Trail

Terra Linda Double Loop (San Rafael) 4 miles

This is my go to run. My get out of bed, toss on my shoes and hit the road run. It’s a 2 mile loop (if you add on a smidge at the end) and it’s enjoyable in a predictable, boring way. From Holly Drive you do a long loop running down Freitas Parkway to Del ganado then run past the firehouse and pool, turning right after the pool onto Las Ovejas. Continue to the stop sign and turn right again following this road all the way down to Las Gallinas. Run to the corner of Holly and Las Gallinas and do the loop again all the way back to your starting point and down the easement to the corner of Las Gallinas and Holly again.

Surface: Sidewalk

Run strong and remember to have fun.


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