December Musings

Hey y’all, it’s December 22nd. For those of us that celebrate Christmas, we are in the “home stretch”, the bottom of the 9th, or at the goal line on 4th down with 5 seconds on the clock. (I only deal in sports metaphors, in case you were wondering. )

Bottom line, it’s crunch time to Christmas and it’s getting a little crazy. So today, I wanted to press pause on the holiday hullabaloo and muse. Out loud. Or via my keyboard. Enjoy.

The Streak

Today I cranked out day 28 of my 30-day running streak. The physical part of the challenge hasn’t been hard. Sure, I have some extra tightness in my hips and lower back, but nothing bad. Mentally, once I engaged and committed to the challenge I was golden. Some days it’s been *very* hard to get out and run, especially since it’s been a cold and sometimes rainy December. But setting the goal, sharing that goal with others, and making sure that I followed through on my commitment has been key.

Diet Culture

Sigh. We’re heading into “New Year – New You” territory. And to be fair, I bought into this mindset myself over the years but now refuse to perpetuate the myth that there’s something wrong with you and that you need “fixing”, a “rehaul”, or should be transformed. I will spend more time on this topic in January but for now please hold this close to your heart – you are a beautiful human being, just the way you are. (Wait, that’s a song – but you know what I mean).

Move Because You Can

We don’t always need to move to satisfy a step count on our Fitbit or because we ate a cupcake. There’s something really freeing about going for a quick walk around the block to look at Christmas lights, dancing to some wicked 80’s playlist or taking a short hike to catch a sunset. Sure, regular exercise is important for optimal health, but don’t forget to just move your body.

That’s it – all the musings I have in me today. In January I’ll be doing some deeper dives into topics that are of interest to me and hopefully will help you on your journey.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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