What Was Your Win This Week?

I’m a huge fan of celebrating fitness wins and I have to give a huge shout out to my boot-camp class for crushing a workout.

We did 3 minute blocks that had 2 exercises in each block. One exercise was 15 reps, the second was 10 reps and they repeated the set for 3 minutes.

The last block before we wrapped it up was a burpee combo. Do a burpee, hop forward, shuffle back, repeat. I provided about 5 variations of the excercises to accomodate those with shoulder, arm, wrist, back, neck, elbow, hip and knee issues. Then set the timer and off we went.

So in both classes I’m walking around, providing cues, tips, encourgement and realize that everyone is doing all sorts of variations. Some are doing the full chest to deck burpee, some are adding in a pushup, some are moving slowly, doing a step back instead of a hop, some are elevated using a picnic table instead of being on the ground, some are skipping the burpee and just doing the hop and shuffle, etc., etc., etc. But they were ALL working at the top range of THEIR ability and gave it 100%.

I’m so proud of my classes and I hope they all remember this workout as a big win! Because celebrating when we do hard stuff is important.

What was your win this week? Did you run farther or faster? Did you lift heavier? Did you lace up your shoes for the first time in a few months and walked around the block? Don’t forget to find your win this week and give yourself a big ole high five!

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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