3 Things I Do Every Morning

In the self-help arena, morning routines are touted as necessities and some of them are very simple while others extremely detail-oriented. I’ve tried various incarnations but have found that if I do just a few simple things, my day starts off on the right foot.

But first, coffee. I realize we’re dehydrated after a night of slumber but I get up early and need my caffeine fix. 3 cups, black with a splash of cashew milk. Caffeine clears the cobwebs and gets my day going. In all ways. After coffee, then water. All. Day. Long.

Write out my daily workout. I teach classes 5 mornings a week and have to shoe-horn in 1 or 2 workouts on those days before I start my “real job”. I’m old school so I have a notebook and I write out exactly what I’m doing each day. If I’m walking or running I write out how far or how long. If it’s a strength training day, the workout gets written out and if I’m doing yoga I jot down what practice I will be doing  later that day. Taking the time to do this has been instrumental to my consistency.

Read or listen to something positive. Whether it’s a quick podcast as I get ready to teach or skimming an email, filling my mind with positivity sets the tone for my day.

Remember, if you win the morning, you win the day.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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