Workout Rule #4 – Push

Here’s what most people are doing wrong with their workouts. They don’t push themselves out of their comfort zone.

Let’s back it up.

When you started lifting weights or running, the 10 pound dumbbells felt so heavy and that 3 mile run was exhausting. But after some time, those weights feel like nothing and you can run the same 3 miles easily.  

See, your smarty-pants body has adapted to the work-load. And in order to see gains so you need to set a new threshold. Add weights, change up the routine, run farther or faster, add intervals, etc.  And that can be really hard.  

People don’t like discomfort. (Note – in the fitness biz we don’t use the word “pain” because it scares people away from the gym or our classes).  But leaning into hard things (safely) will help you move the needle towards your goals.  

So this week, take a good look at where you are and what you’re doing.  Now look at what you want to achieve and then adjust a few of your workouts that will help you get there.  It can be adding some weight to your workout, using a heavier band in boot-camp or replacing a 3 mile run with some speed work.  

Need more help or ideas? Let me know, I can help. 

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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