Yeah, but….

I’m a fitness professional and as such hear “Yeah, but…” a lot.  It usually is in regards to a conversation about health and fitness or about my WFPB eating.

“Yeah, but….I don’t have the time to meal prep”
“Yeah, but….I could NEVER give up cheese!”
“Yeah, but…your classes are so early”
“Yeah, but…it’s easy for you.  You like exercise”

Sigh.  It’s enough to make me want to plan a Burpee-only workout for my classes.  For a whole week.  Srsly.

I can provide simple and manageable suggestions for every single one of these statements above.  And I can break them down into even smaller manageable bites, but I’ll still get “Yeah, but…”

So here’s a truth bomb.  Your “Yeah, but…” is just a big, fat, hairy excuse.   It’s one of the little or even big lies we tell ourselves to justify our refusal to do the “thing”.  Whether that thing is getting in shape, losing weight, fitting into the clothes in the back of the closet or training for a 5K.

This is also called, in personal development circles,  a “fixed mindset”.   And friend, you don’t ever wanna have a fixed mindset.  (If a fixed mindset were a person, it would be the one that still writes checks at Safeway because they think buying groceries with their debit card is “charging them”).  Anyway, I digress.

So here’s the point of all of this.  If you (and you know who you are) find that this resonates with you then it’s time for a bit of introspection.  Why are you resistance to doing the “thing”?

  • Are you afraid that you’ll have to give up everything you love to eat forever?
  • Do you worry your family won’t be supportive or that they’ll make fun of you?
  • Have you tried something before and have not been successful?
  • Have you done the “thing” then slipped backwards, gaining the weight again?

Listen, it’s OK to feel any of these feelings.  Acknowledge it, start thinking about steps you can make to do the “thing”  and maybe the next time you feel a “Yeah, but…” start to pass your lips hold on a second.  Take a big breath and honestly assess your response.

Maybe a “That’s a good idea but I wouldn’t know where to start…” would open you up to something totally amazing.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Yes.  Yes it would.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂




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