Zoom Zoom Zoom-a Zoom

I’m 53 so some of my references are old, thanks for bearing with me. With that said, do any of you remember the show ZOOM! back in the 70’s? http://openvault.wgbh.org/exhibits/zoom/article I used to love it. But this article is not a walk down memory lane. It’s about technology. Yes, I’m going to talk tech.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic that we’re currently in the middle of (or about to ascend or wherever else we are on the curve), in-person meetings have pretty much stopped. And that also goes for personal training and fitness classes.

Enter ZOOM. It’s not new, but it’s having its moment. Along with WebEX, GoTo Meetings, Facebook Live, Google Classroom and probably a dozen other streaming sites.

I decided to start teaching my boot-camp class online via ZOOM last week. What I love about it, is that I get to teach and interact with my class. And if I share the link, others can join as well, even if they aren’t in my program. So friends and family, coworkers and the like can pop in for a quick class.

Unlike YouTube videos or watching a workout on Daily Burn or BeachBody, it’s a streaming, live workout vs recorded content. So you can have converstaion, correct form, make bad jokes that get (or don’t get) laughs and have an in-person experience without the risk of contamination.

Now, with any technology there may be issues. My internet, which is normally as reliable as my Imperfect Foods delivery has been glitchy. One minute I’m online, the next, not. Which is frustrating in general but imagine you’re leading a class of 29 people and then all of a sudden the instructor is gone!

Like today. Crap!! I had issues with a ZOOM happy hour I was on the previous evening so I decided I should be prepared, just in case. So I created my workout on a whiteboard held it up and told my class to snap a picture and in case I got bounced, they would still be able to complete the workout.

(Now, I just have to pat myself on the back for this brilliant idea! Because after 6 minutes in I got bounced but as I struggled to log back on I could hear and see them continuing the workout. )

So if you are wondering if you should take a class offered by your instructor or group by ZOOM (is it all caps?), a Facebook or IG Live, defintely give it a go. It’s a fantastic way to stay connected as we are sheltering in place. If you don’t feel “camera ready” you can always turn off your video so no one can see you. It’s that easy.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

2 thoughts on “Zoom Zoom Zoom-a Zoom

  1. Christy Logan

    Thanks Kelli! I got booted out again after planking but I feel refreshed and ready to conquer (not sure what, but I feel good)! Thanks for allowing me to participate! I have some wine for you once I am able to get over to your parts as I am in Vallejo (friend of Karin’s). Have a great day! Christy


    1. Keli Honsberger

      Hi Christy – sorry about the boot! I have the free version of zoom and hit my 40 min max. Thank you for joining us! See you soon. Keli 🙂


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