Hey, It’s a 7-Day Challenge

Happy Christmas Eve!  I’m throwing down a quick little challenge.  I know, like you need something else on your to do list.

But listen, I’ve been driving around, I’ve been to the malls, Michael’s (shoot me now) and I think we ALL need to find some gratitude.

The “GRATITUDE 7” Challenge! 

This mini-challenge will improve your mood, mental & physical health, boost your self-esteem, and even help you sleep better!

And… it’ll only take 1- 2 minutes every day.

Grab a pen and piece of paper … it’s time for the “Gratitude 7” Challenge.

For the next seven days, as soon as you wake up, take 1-2 minutes to write down 1 sentence about something you’re grateful for using the themes below.

JUST 1 SENTENCE. It is amazing how just a few minutes can totally change your perspective.

Ready?  Go!

TUESDAY: Your Body
WEDNESDAY: Someone you care about (this should be easy, it’s Christmas Day!)
THURSDAY: Something about your health
FRIDAY: Your choice
SATURDAY: Something you take for granted (like drinking fresh water!)
SUNDAY: Something about our Planet
MONDAY: A lesson you’ve learned

I recommend you keep the piece of paper handy (maybe in your pocket), and remind yourself throughout the day of what you wrote.

That’s it!

Just being grateful for ONE thing each day will help us to appreciate the people and things in our life that we sometimes take for granted.

Today we kick things off by sharing one thing you’re grateful for about your BODY!  I’ll share mine to get us started.

I’m grateful to have a body that does whatever I want it to do.  It can even dance, though not very well. Your turn…

Now go run! And Merry Christmas!!

Keli 🙂

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