Motivation Monday: Marathon Musings

To celebrate wrapping up the first 12 weeks of marathon training (12 down, 4 to go), I thought it would be fun to share some tips about training for a marathon.  There’s 12 and are in no particular order.

  • Drinking DIPA’s the night before a long run is ill-advised.
  • If you are following a Plan, it owns you.  You run what it tells you; rest when it says to; go slow when it’s on the schedule and do hill repeats or fartleks as instructed.
  • Set up your podcast, Audible selection or music prior to your long run.  At mile 12 you won’t have the patience to fumble with your phone.
  • Run with a buddy.  Even if you’re not at the same pace. Because those miles, they be long.
  • Book your hotel early.  Same with transportation to the starting line of your race and make reservations for dinner the night before the race because if you’re traveling 3000 miles to run you  don’t need to stress about logistics.
  • Do a minute Plank, pushups and squats 3 days a week (I’m doing 50 each).  Building strength will help you tremendously in the latter miles.
  • Your job on your long runs is to be on your feet for a very long time.  No need to go fast, push hard or add intervals (unless it’s on your Plan).
  • Find a running tribe.  Or at the minimum find people who run so you can talk to them about running.   Only runners truly understand the anticipation/dread of a 17 mile run done in 3 mile loops.
  • Be grateful that you can run the miles.  Thank your sore feet, bless your knees and appreciate what you’re putting them through.
  • Massages.  Get them.  The ones that kind of hurt, not those wimpy ones.
  • Go for those long runs and don’t stress about your spouse/partner/MIL taking the kiddos to their events.  Get your ass out there and train because your kids won’t remember who took them to soccer, but they’ll remember that their Mom or Dad was a beast.
  • Fuel your body like an athlete.  Because you are one.
  • Tell every single person you know that you’re training for a race.  Because one day you’ll have a horrifically shit run and you’ll be at Starbucks when a friend (or one of your 1029 FB friends) will be there and ask how training is going and you’ll say it’s going well (because you’ll cry if you say how bad your run really was) and they’ll tell you they think you’re amazing and are so inspired by what you’re doing.  And it will make it all worthwhile

Now go run!

Keli 🙂


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