Gratefully Searching Gratitude

Here’s a challenge for you – a Gratitude Challenge.

(Oh for crying out loud, she’s onto the Gratitude thing).

Yes.  Yes, I am.

When someone does something that you appreciate; that was kind, helpful, considerate, a large step outside of their responsibility or even if it’s “their job” – I want you to take a minute and share it with the employees’ boss, manager, customer service department, post a shout out on the company’s Twitter feed, IG or FB page.

Often times we are so quick to complain.  To bitch and moan about service that was sub-par, to run to our friends over a perceived slight or dig or even taking our complaints to social media if the line at the Terra Linda Safeway was too long.  (Shout out to my peeps on Nextdoor!)

How refreshing would it be if we started to share the love about good things?

For example.  I ordered a Passion Planner for my daughter who’s in Madrid for the semester (a Passion Planner is like a calendar – nothing kinky).  Her address in Madrid is a hot mess of numbers, the degree sign and letters.  Needless to say, her first planner never made it.  I contacted the company and asked them about the order (that hadn’t been delivered in 2 weeks) and was told that the address was not correct.

So I did some digging, found out I made the mistake on the address and gave the new info to the Passion Planner people.  They sent out a new planner, expedited (at no additional cost) and my daughter received it.  I was so grateful for their help that I wrote an email of thanks and I said they had earned our business in the future and I’d tell my friends.  (

Like all things that you do that aren’t about you or are done without an expectation (you know, true altruism), it felt good.  And that good feeling builds.

So your challenge, if you choose to accept is to find good things and then either thank, compliment or run an email up line.   If the barista always remembers your name, thank them and take an extra minute send a quick tweet or compose a brief email while your macchiato is being steamed.

If you like a company or a product, share why you like it.  We are always looking for recommendations on things that work or that are useful. (As long as it’s not self-promoting or you’re trying to sell a FAB FIT FUN box or Diff sunglasses.  I mean, we have to draw the line.)

And finally, your test.  Once you get the hang of positive comments, take it to your social media feeds.  Curb your complaining and venting for a day and try to only post positives.  Remember, if you can’t say something nice….

Listen, we all have shit to deal with.  But there’s a lot of good out there too.  And we all should try to find it and celebrate it.

For our own sanity.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

If you’re interested on the subject of gratitude and happiness here are a few resources.

The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan
Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis
Hustle, Believe, Receive by Sarah Centrella
The Happier Project by Gretchen Rubin
10% Happier by Dan Harris



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