Midweek Musings – Welcome to the World of Tech

I’m kind of addicted to this virtual training plan I signed up for the New York marathon.  At the start I entered all of my info; my race goal, current pace, recent race time, how many days I can train, when my run days are scheduled, etc., and out popped this nifty 16 week plan.

Every Monday I get an email with what I need to run for the week.   This week it looked like this:

Mon – rest
Tues – 3 Mile Easy Run
Wed – 4 Mile Regular Run
Thur – 6 mile Intervals
Fri – Rest
Sat – 3 Mile Easy or Cross Train
Sun – 11 Mile Long Run

Every week I print up the plan, do the miles and write down my time for each run.  Easy, right?

Well, imagine my surprise when I discover (upon a full and thorough read-through of what I actually paid for), that when I do my training runs I can enter all the details into the planner and bip, zip, wham, my estimated race time changes.  Brilliant!

So I went back to my planner and week by week I went through my calendar and updated all of my training runs (um, since July 15).  If I was missing a time for a particular run, I went to my Garmin and pulled that data and entered it.  Have I mentioned recently how much I love my Garmin?   It’s a data geek’s dream!

Anyway.  Thought I’d share about the Virtual Trainer.  If you run a race and you have the opportunity to sign up for one, I highly recommend it.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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