FITSquad Rocks!

Four weeks ago I launched a boot-camp class for beginners.  After the first class I re-branded it FITSquad.    Because let’s get down to brass taxes – what you say to yourself matters and I don’t know anyone who is aspiring to be a beginner.

For many years, I’ve been hearing from people that they would take my class but it’s a) too early and b) they’re not ready for it.  Ok, I’ll agree that they may just say it to be polite.  But once I launched the program, I had a full class of 14 students like that.  Now between you and me, I expected maybe 5 people so when the registrations kept coming in I was surprised and kind of mortified that I didn’t think of rolling this out years ago.

My goal always is that everyone leaves my class feeling that they got a great workout and are proud of their effort.  The beauty of FITSquad is that you’re in a class with 13 others who are at a similar (more or less) fitness level.  It provides a built-in  “if he/she can do it so can I” mentality.  And not it a competitive or judgey way.  More like “I’ve got this”.

FITSquad meets twice a week at 6am for 45 minute classes and let me tell you,  they slay.  I’m impressed with their hard work, focus, commitment and they also laugh at my jokes.  Which makes me love them so much.

Most of all, I admire their showing up to class for something that may be outside of their comfort zone.  They didn’t all know me, they didn’t all know each other, very few of them knew about my class or what to expect.   It can be intimidating, I get that so I have to give mad props all around.

Now the next time you want to try something new, something you’re not sure that you can handle, or are nervous,  or think you’re not quite ready, please feel free to take a page from FITSquad.   Pull up your big girl panties (apologies  to J, our male classmate) and dive right in.  You’ve got this.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



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