Moving On By Moving Through

What stops a lot of people from moving forward, moving on or moving through something is that they are afraid of what’s to come.  The Devil you know is better than the Devil you don’t, right?

Um.  No. (Unless of course, you’re making your move under duress or pressure from outside forces- but that’s not what we’re talking about here).

I’m talking about the “I hate my job and want to leave but I have 4 weeks vacation or a very flexible schedule” or “I know I need to eat more vegetables but all that chopping and cooking, it’s too hard”, “I want to run that marathon”.  You know, that kind of thing.

So here’s my advice.  And, surprise!  It involves a plan!

  • Make a list of all the reasons you need to eat the veggies, quit the job, ditch the unhealthy relationship or run the race.
  • Set a date to launch.  Write it in red in your calendar, create a countdown and STICK to it.  It’s ok if it’s not tomorrow, we all need time to move.  But set the date.
  • Identify the steps you can take right now that will move you in that direction such as update your resume, your LinkedIn profile, plan your meals for the week, etc.  Be specific.  Be realistic.
  • Hire a coach, read some self-improvement stuff that will help you stay resolute in your desire for change, recruit your support posse, etc.
  • Get moving  You have a deadline so no time to waste.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂



2 thoughts on “Moving On By Moving Through

  1. Really good advice – thank you. I would add one more item which you may have implied through some of the other items but just in case: Tell a friend and ask them to hold you accountable. Or even better ask a frienemy because you know they will hold you accountable 🙂


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