Time + Effort = Results

Shout out to the folks who took me up on the December 3X Challenge!  I’m loving the texts, posts, tags and all of your great sweaty photos.  Extra bonus points to those who send video and/or include pics of their family working out alongside.

My boot-camp class is also participating in the December 3X Challenge and I’ve tasked them to make it to class 3X each week in December.  Not always an easy feat since class is at 5:30am.  And trust me when I tell you they are CRUSHING it!

By putting in the time (3 workouts a week) and the effort (45 minutes minimum) my challenge participants will yield probably the best results possible.

The success of completing a challenge.

Because when you complete a challenge, even something as relatively simple as this one, it can change your outlook on what you thought you could do, and propel you forward.

Let’s take a look a my pal Mary.

Mary decides to jump on board with the December 3X Challenge.  She isn’t able to make it to boot-camp so she will run for 30 minutes and then do 15 minutes of planks, push-ups and squats.  Mary.  Has.  A.  Plan.

Week  1. Mary will admit, the first week is a bit tricky.  She has to find time to fit in 45 minutes and that means she has to adjust her schedule a bit; getting up earlier, laying out clothes, maybe getting lunches and the kids’ stuff ready the night before, etc.  And the pictures?  Dang, she isn’t comfortable with that but OK.  She wants a prize and she committed to the challenge and Mary is not a quitter.

Week 2.  Uneventful.  Mary has her workouts down and she’s on a roll.  Pictures are sent, she’s giving herself a gold star in her calendar after every workout.  Mary wonders thinks her (awesome) trainer should have made this challenge much harder.

Week 3. Crap.  Mary has some scheduling snafus.  She’s got kids to shuttle,  holiday shopping, and then Jeez Louise, the little one gets sick.  But Mary has 2 weeks of success under her belt so she pivots; 30 minutes in the morning and  15 minutes of Yoga in the evening after dinner.  Pictures get sent late at night with a brief email explaining her schedule challenges and she gets encouragement from her (awesome) trainer.

Week 4.  It’s freaking Christmas this week.  What was her (awesome) trainer thinking?  But Mary knows it’s the home stretch and she can’t quit now.    She just has to make it to the end of the week and she will have completed her challenge.  She re-arranges her workout schedule, recruits her BFF and they make a plan.   She sends her last picture, of she and her BFF running on a trail December 30th.   Her challenge is complete.

Week 5.  Wait, there’s no week 5 in the Challenge.   But Mary doesn’t care.  She enjoys her new fitness plan and is even adding 30 minutes on a 4th day.

Mary is a ROCKSTAR.  She takes the time to do the workouts.  She puts in effort to get it done.  Her end results are a healthy new habit, increased confidence and a strong start to the new year.

So even if you didn’t join the December 3X Challenge this week, what’s stopping you from hopping on board now?  You may not get a prize (never say never) but you’ve got nothing to lose.   You too can be a ROCKSTAR, just like Mary.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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