Just Sit In It For A Bit

“Perhaps you are not drowning.  Perhaps you are simply being guided to slow down, float gently and go with the flow for a while.”  I.J. Pollack

Struggling?  Frustrated?  Not reaching your goal?  Sometimes the best course of action might be to just yield.  And please, I’m not talking about giving up, but maybe just go with a lighter touch.  Just for a bit.  


I am a runner.  So my main form of exercise is to run.  But I’ll admit that I struggled the past Spring and Summer.   I was slow, sluggish and had many a “meh” workout.   I’ve had runs like that before, off and on but I was training for a marathon so  I started to get a little panicky.

I looked at my training calendar and figured out what I *had* to do, what I knew I’d need to accomplish to get to the starting line with some confidence.  And I adjusted my plan.  Sure, it wasn’t all lollipops and unicorns but it helped me get my head straight and focus on getting to the starting line and then to the finish line.  I figure I can PR the next race 🙂


I work with a lot of people who struggle with sore muscles, strains, pains, and injuries.  And I think, no, I KNOW that a lot of the problems can be solved by doing 1 simple thing.

  1. When something hurts stop doing what makes it hurt for 1 week.

Nor surprising, my advice is not always taken or appreciated.  But the reality is that a week off can do wonders.  You rest tired muscles.  You let the body do some healing.  You take a load off.  And yes, I know you’re worried about losing fitness and if I took you to a lab you may see some loss but the reality is, you’re better off skipping a week rather than push through.  I’m 51, I know things, so trust me on this.  

Healthy Living

A day of eating healthfully is a great motivator.  But sometimes a really great day ends with a slab of cake from Safeway and then all Hell breaks loose.   You make yourself feel so badly for the slip that you decide you’ll never eat sweets again and start throwing stuff out.  

Self-flagellation over pastry is never pretty, so ditch the negativity, acknowledge where you zigged when you should have zagged and put a few things in place for the next time the buttercream comes calling. 

Because it will.  Learn the art of the “let go” and keep stepping.

So listen friends, if you’re struggling or running into walls on your journey, or heck, in your day to day life take a step back. 

Breathe.  Breathe some more.  Take stock.  And when you have had a minute to think, find a new way.  You’ve got this.

Now go run!

Keli 🙂

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